My Story

Ruthie Lightner

My Story

The day I realized I was too undernourished to do the activities I wanted to enjoy, was when it finally clicked that food = energy.  I was a Sophomore in college, vegetarian, aspiring long distance runner, former competitive swimmer, and SO exhausted (yet couldn’t sleep).  This was the start to my passion for fueling to enjoy life, but I didn’t quite know it yet.  

I went on to study nutrition, health education, and fitness training all in my undergrad years because I was intrigued!  

One thing that was on my mind, but no one was too concerned with – including my doctor – was I wasn’t getting a period. Then came the pill, at age 22. I tried a few different options and it was really hard to recognize who I was or what my emotions were… so I dropped them all after just 5 months of trial and error.  I was done, and I didn’t care if the doctors thought it was the best way to restore my period.  I wanted to feel like me again!  However, I didn’t.  I slowly felt more sluggish, gained weight, and had more anxiety that kept me up at night.  

Doctors started prescribing me anti-anxiety and depression medication.  I was determined that there was a bigger issue (even though I was lost for what that bigger issue was, and pills that promised to subside my mild depression and anxiety sounded really good!).

In order for me to be healthy, I actually stopped being a fitness trainer and nutritionist.  I needed a break; it seemed as if everything mainstream health taught me to do in order to be “healthy,” was breaking me.

During my 4 year hiatus.  It gave me a knew perspective on health and time for me to learn more for myself and then investigate and navigate the research on nutrition and fitness for our hormones.

It is such a joy to be in the spot where I am confident that I can help many women nourish themselves in a way that gives them the ability to live with vitality.  And to put it more frank, I love celebrating with women – ovulation, good bowel movements, weight gain/loss, strong bones, and being able to do the activities they love.

My philosophy with food and fitness stems from my desire for you to be able to do more with your life. I am not about restriction or even working out everyday.  I am about making wiser choices with our food consumption, moving everyday, and getting to the root of issues.

Your story is and will be very different then mine. In your story I want to be a support, a resource, an advocate.  Because just like for myself, I want you to know the bigger reasons behind your current health struggle, and guide you through your journey.