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Nutrition + Women’s Health Consulting

Symptoms such as chronic digestive distress, PMS, irregular menses, anxiety, weight loss resistance, and infertility have become the “normal,” but this does not make it the way it should be or even the way it has to be for you!  Knowing the actions to take to combat your symptoms is confusing, I know, I have been there, and that is really why I want to be there for you!

It is my desire to be your guide, your partner through your health journey.  This truly looks different for everyone and this is why I don’t have one set protocol.  Scheduling a 15 minute consult with me is the best place to start – we will be able to chat about how I can help you and it’s great time for you to get to know if I am an appropriate fit for you!  I do have suggested packages and you can jump right in if you know this is exactly what you need! To learn more information on what working with me looks like find your way to my work with me page.

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*I offer in person and phone consults.

I am a fan of asking questions. I find them as a great way to connect and learn more about you. I want you to feel the same…as you look through the services I offer, please ask me any questions that may arise.


Fitness Training

I intentionally use the word movement when it comes to fitness, because this is truly what we all need more of – no matter current health status. I train women specifically in varying life stages, in order to create workouts that work for a women’s body, not against it (think: hormones, stress response, pelvic floor + core). I want you to have a workout that does more then just make you sweat; I want you to be nourished, by building muscle, strengthening bones, regulating your hormones, and finding confidence in what your mind + body can do! I currently take clients in the Denver area, and I teach small group training classes in Denver at Belly Bliss. 

1:1 Fitness Sessions

Workshops + Events

Let’s be a community of women that lifts up one another – that comes together to learn and share.  Workshops + Events are such a joy to create and be apart of. Look at my COMMUNITY page for upcoming events.  If you have a group of women or own a small business and would like to partner with me for a workshop, please send me a note via email

Community + Workshops